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  • Lock Them Up

    Lock Them Up

    Image Source: The Washington Post (Nov. 22, 2016)

    After the news broke on Truth Social that former President Trump could be arrested on charges of failing to report a campaign contribution, the political sphere went into a frenzy. This is to be expected since such a thing would be unprecedented in this county’s history. Even with Presidents that were clearly guilty of crimes like Nixon and Clinton, there was never serious discussion of arresting them.

    These events drudged up an old talking point on the left to point out the irony of a man who famously led chants of “lock her up” at his rallies when running for the presidency in 2016 potentially being arrested himself. As expected, pundits on the left have been salivating at the prospect of video of Trump in a perp walk or his mug shot being plastered over every news channel and webpage. This is something they have fantasized about since 2015 when Trump announced his run for the White House. As such, they love bringing up the “lock her up” chants as a way to rub salt in an open wound.

    I always spoke out against the “lock her up” crowd. I found it tasteless and counterproductive. Even when we found out she was knowingly removing and training staffers to remove classified headings and used software to wipe her hard drive to cover her behind, I was against it. Even when we found out she committed perjury at least twice, I was against it. Even when the FBI director said it is extremely likely America’s enemies got a hold of her classified emails and that she would be prosecuted if she were anyone else, I was against it.

    I did not condone such calls to prosecute her despite her obvious guilt and the harm her maliciously self-serving actions did to our nation because I agreed with Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah). He said that even if she is guilty, you do not want to set the precedent of arresting your political rival as it would make America just like ancient monarchies or banana republics where petty dictators abuse the blunt force of law to imprison or destroy their political adversaries to sure up their own power. I applauded Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) for not using the DoJ as merely an extension of President Trump’s will and pursue charges on Clinton even though it is clear he would prefer to do that. The democrats have proven that sentiment was misplaced because we are already there. We are already operating like a banana republic.

    I do not make such comments lightly, but the evidence is clear. The Biden administration has spent the last couple years holding anyone remotely connected to Jan. 6th, violent or not, in custody for months on end while looking the other way on Antifa and BLM riots after their own vice president was raising money to bail the thugs out. They have been rounding up completely peaceful pro-life advocates on imaginary charges while refusing to look into organized vandalism and firebombing of churches and crisis pregnancy centers. All the while, they still never prosecuted the people that went to intimidate the SCOTUS justices at their homes or found out who leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion. They are labeling parents who speak at school board meetings and Catholics that prefer Latin mass domestic terrorists while letting the drug cartels have free reign on the border to bring in as much fentanyl and child sex slaves as they want. The Biden administration has proven time and time again they hold a completely different standard for those on their political side and those who stand against them.

    This story is merely the latest example in a long list of double standards democrats have for those they agree with and those who oppose them. They are having a state go after Trump by trying to enforce a federal finance law as a felony on a misdemeanor offense which is well past the statute of limitations. These people are absolutely shameless and will completely ignore the law when going after those they do not like. They will stop at nothing to punish anyone who dares oppose their political goals, whether by actual conviction or a punishment by process. You cannot share a country with people like that. 

    If Trump or another republican takes the Oval Office and throws every last democrat that we know has broken the law in jail for the actual crimes they have committed (the Clintons, the Bidens, McCabe, Omar, Clapper, Holder, Swalwell, Rice, and most of all, Fauci), you’ll get no complaints out of me. I do not want them convicted because I dislike them politically but because they have committed crimes. Their political status should grant them no special consideration anymore.

    Any semblance of trying to keep the peace and maintaining civil decorum among political rivals is a pointless endeavor after all this. They have so perverted the justice system that they no longer should receive any mercy from it for the sake of the civil society. That ship has sailed now, and it is past time we started enforcing the law equally and meticulously regardless of who winds up imprisoned because of it, republican or democrat. I am for mercy, but mercy must only be extended to those who have a chance of learning the error of their ways and reforming themselves in response to that mercy. We have tried extending mercy to them, and it is clear it can no longer help them. Only the stick can correct them back to the point where we can discuss bringing the carrot back on the table as an option. I hope they reap exactly what they sow.

  • 2022 Daily Dose of Stupid Awards

    2022 Daily Dose of Stupid Awards

    Every year, there is a whole lot of stupid, so every year Tactics ranks the stupidest stories of the year. Out of over 125 stupid stories, we ranked the top 50.

    50. 9/26/22- Biden Tweets That it is Bad When a Party Believes the Only Explanation for Losing an Election is Cheating
    Source: (

    This tweet isn’t actually stupid on its content, aside from the silly middle paragraph. The reason it is so stupid is the context. I am 33, and the democrats have claimed every single presidential election in my lifetime where the republican won was illegitimate. They still maintain George W. Bush was “selected not elected” and that Al Gore won Florida in the electoral college. President Trump was hand-picked by Vladimir Putin and installed through Russia hacking the election. This led to a special investigation led by Robert Muller which costs $32 million and took about 2 years. So yeah, it’s a bit hard to take Biden’s finger wagging in this subject seriously.

    49. 6/29/22- Kristen Powers Claims Pelosi Can be Both a Good Catholic and Pro-Choice Because She Receives Communion at the Vatican
    Source: (

    Miss Powers used to have some semblance of common sense and fair-mindedness about herself. In the past few years, however, she has become a complete partisan shill. This tweet emphasizes that along with a healthy dose of ego that lacks self-awareness. While ignoring her own church’s doctrine on abortion is nothing new for her, here she makes the case that the Catholics church actually approves her ringing endorsement of what they classify as a mortal sin by allowing her fellow abortion advocate Speaker Nancy Pelosi to partake in communion at the Vatican. This is absurd on the grounds that allowing of communion is not an endorsement of the church for every action the partitioner engages in. It is also incredibly prideful in the sense that she assumes every priest in Rome would automatically recognize Pelosi and be aware of her political leanings on this issue. It is not as though the church officials carefully screen each church member before administering the Eucharist to them.

    48. 7/9/22- AOC Upset with McCarthy for Promoting House Members Who Are “Inciting Violence,” Forgetting She Promoted the Sanders’ Campaign After the Baseball Shooting
    Source: (

    Here is another example of AOC having a complete lack of self-awareness. The stupidest thing about the tweet is not the blatant lie that anyone that had questions about the 2020 election is “inciting violence.” That is a normal level of stupid for democrats. What makes this a unique level of stupid that only AOC is capable of is how she plays the whataboutism game on this topic. The left ran cover for BLM and Antifa which resulted in over 40 deaths and $2 billion in property damage. While most dems kept silent or downplayed the violence, the dumbest members of the DNC, of which AOC is the leader, was cheering on the destruction. This also occurred with the current VP Kamala Harris literally raising money to bail the thugs out. Political violence on all sides should always be condemned of course, but you can’t very well complain about protests turning violent when you were assisting people who commit violent acts while “protesting.”

    47. 8/3/22- Jean-Pierre Can’t Explain Why Corporations Won’t Pass Their Taxes on to Consumers

    Credit: Fox News

    While there is a lot of stupid in this clip, this is one where most of the stupid is more in the premise than the actual statement. Yes Karine Jean-Pierre is the worst Press Secretary in history and yes her answer is a word-salad of nonsense, but in her defense, here she has been given an impossible task. Not even the greatest economic mind in human history combined with the greatest orator in human history could explain this away. There is simply no way to explain why business owners would or could just eat the cost of new taxes levied against them. While it is pretty hilarious to watch leftists—who claim corporations are nothing but horrible, soulless entities that would rather people die than lose one penny of profit—suddenly explain that those same corporations will suddenly be super altruistic.

    46. 6/17/22- Josh Moon Tweets that Gun Rights Advocates Would Rather Keep Their Guns Than Stop Murders
    Source: (

    I honestly considered not making this one not a Daily Dose of Stupid at all simply because I cannot tell if Moon is intentionally misrepresenting his opponent’s position (a strawman fallacy) or he really is that idiotic. As the left-wing bubble is alive and well and it is better to assume ignorance over malice, I opted to go with stupid. The tweet is internally stupid because he is simultaneously accusing republicans of having the wrong convictions and being bribed. You cannot be both. People who genuinely believe something need not be bribed. It is also ignoring the fact that, according to Obama’s CDC, lawful defensive use of firearms occurs between 500,000 and 3 million times a year. That’s over 60 times the amount of gun murders (8,454) the same year that study was conducted in 2013 even if you use the lowest estimate of defensive uses of firearms. So Moon’s suggestion that gun rights advocates are so ideologically zealous that they prefer murders over gun control is exactly backward.

    45. 9/23/22- FBI Raids Mark Houck’s Home, but Denies It Was Technically a “SWAT” Team
    Source: (

    Credit: Houck Family and Catholic News Agency

    The stupidity here is multifaceted. First, it is stupid that a federal law even exists that deals with obstructing the entrance to a child slaughterhou…[cough]…clinic. I am not saying preventing someone from entering an actual healthcare facility should not be a crime, but it is certainly something that ought to be enforced on the state and local level. Second, the act itself is stupid for the FBI to pursue charges that were already dropped by a local court over a year before this raid. This is clearly part of a political vendetta against activists the FBI doesn’t like. Third, the heavy-handedness of the action is ridiculous not only because Houck is not a violent offender, but because his attorney already volunteered to provide his client to law enforcement upon request. Fourth, quibbling about the technical definition of what is or is not a “SWAT” team after the fact is pointless and makes the FBI look stupid. Their insistence that more than a dozen heavily armed agents storming Houck’s home is not an official SWAT team might well be true, but it is sort of like someone accusing you of beating someone with a steel baseball bat and your response is to correct them by arguing that the bat is actually made of aluminum. Doing so actually makes them seem even less concerned about the important details and thus even more corrupt and politically motivated.

    44. 7/16/22- Incarcerated Transgender Woman Demi Minor Impregnates Two Inmates at New Jersey Prison
    Source: (

    Credit: New York Post

    If there is any story in here that merits a “duh,” this is it. There is a rich irony in the left constantly casting all men as sex-craved exploiters of women who are not to be trusted while simultaneously maintaining men would never lie about being a woman. It is not as though men would have any incentive to be in a prison full of women instead of men. This is especially true when the person in question is a convicted felon. They’re notoriously honest right?

    43. 4/10/22- Fauci Says It Is “Up to Americans to Assess Their Own Covid Risk”
    Source: (

    Credit: ABC News

    On the surface, this statement isn’t stupid. In fact, it is one of the very few smart things Anthony Fauci has ever said. The stupidity comes from the fact this idea is two years too late. The idea people should assess their own risks when it came to the pandemic and then be at liberty make decisions that they feel would be in their best interest was the argument conservatives were making from the beginning. The lateness of this declaration reeks of the paternalistic authoritarianism Dr. Fauci loves. Now that the risk is very low and the pandemic effectively over, you are allowed to think for yourself and make your own decision. Up until this point, you were just too stupid to make your own decisions, which is why the enlightened ruling class like Fauci needed to do all your thinking and decision-making for you up until now. This reflects a larger sentiment inside the Washington bureaucracy. They believe the vast majority of the American people are imbeciles that are incapable of surviving without their benevolent hand.

    42. 11/7/22- WSJ Can’t Figure Out Why Cohabitation Doesn’t Yield the Same Financial Benefits as Marriage
    Source: (

    Credit: The Wall Street Journal

    It really is quite astounding to witness people whose worldview is so messed up they cannot figure out what should be obvious. It’s like watching a person confused by a broom, unable to figure out what it does. Though the WSJ editorial page might be reasonable by New York standards, it’s still clear they have been so thoroughly soaked in secularist thinking and modern standards of sexual morality, they cannot see the glaringly obvious on this matter. This isn’t mystery. Cohabitation is a way for partners to have an eject button. Marriage is understood to be a commitment for life. When you know there is no turning back, the financial benefits are greater because you are actually merging your assets and working together. Any financial advisor will tell you that stability is the key to economic prosperity, whether you are talking about personal or global finances. Roommates having sex is not the same thing. Roommates have two sets of everything and keep finances separate because they understand they will eventually part ways. Married people aren’t that way. The fact some people are baffled by this is a sad commentary on our society’s views on marriage.

    41. 10/14/22- Liberals Get Vasectomies to Protest the Overturning of Roe
    Source: (

    Credit: Life News

    This story is only stupid from their perspective. It is brilliant from the point-of-view of a pro-life person. Afterall, if all pro-abortion men did this, we would solve the abortion problem overnight. Not to mention, every child currently being raised would have pro-life parents raising them. The only stupid thing here is that they thought this was somehow “punishing” to pro-life people.

    40. 6/18/22- Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi Say Advocating for Abortion Does Not Mean They Have to Give Up Their Faith
    Source: (

    Credit: The List

    Not only would this statement be incorrect when applied to the specific faiths of Pelosi and Harris, Catholic and Baptist respectively, but Harris says supporting legalized abortion would not require anyone to give up or change their faith. Such a broad statement would likely be false no matter what issue were being discussed. For example, many religions, like Judaism and Islam, are actual theocratic religions that call for a religious law to be supported by members of the faith group to be implemented as the law of the land.

    But more specifically, it shows that the left does not understand religious people at all. The idea that you would ever consider changing or giving up your religion to continue to hold your political views would only spew forth out of a person that does not understand what faith, any faith, is. I am no theocrat (because Christianity is not a theocratic religion) and I would be pro-life even if I were not a Christian. However, faith is supposed to be at the center of your life and shape every other aspect of your life and beliefs, not be shaped by your political preferences. If your god exists only to nod approvingly at every political belief you already hold, congratulations, your god is you.

    39. 1/10/22- Elizabeth Warren Accidentally Accuses the Fed of Predatory Lending Against Blacks with Student Loans
    Source: (

    Senator Warren is a walking bag of contradictory thinking. The wokeness hierarchy suggests that any racial discrepancy must somehow be the result of systematic racism. Any attempt to offer an alternative explanation is dismissed as racism. Furthermore, we often hear of “predatory lending” wherein the money lenders loan money knowing the borrower can never pay it back. How people on the left believe it is a profitable financial practice to give loans to people that cannot repay their debts is beyond me, but this is how they think.

    If you understand these two pillars of new leftist thinking, the only possible conclusion is that the discrepancy in student loans being repaid is the fault of a predatory lender. But who issues student loans? Why, the federal government of course! Warren just inadvertently accused the federal student loan system, which she voted for as a part of the 2009 Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), of racist predatory lending. Not only is this stupid because it shows, by her own logic at least, a policy she helped implement is predatory and racist, but it also stands as an example of yet another democrat complaining about a problem they created while claiming that only they can fix it.

    38. 1/18/22- Biden Calls the Georgia Voting Law “Jim Crow 2.0”
    Source: (

    President Biden’s tweet here is stupid because of his personal record as well as the raw contents being absurd. Biden has uttered a long string of racist slurs that would have long ended his career if he was a republican. That is not to mention him calling Senator Robert Byrd his “friend and mentor” at the Klu Klux Klan recruiter’s eulogy or his support of actual Jim Crow laws during the 60s. It is also pretty hilarious that he calls such laws racist despite being far less restrictive than his own home state of Delaware. But the contents itself are also stupid. Obviously, asking for photo ID and moving drop boxes inside polling places are not the same as making you sit in a different area in a restaurant or having separate water fountains based on your skin color. But beyond this, voter turnout rose in Georgia in 2022, 6% more than voted in 2020. Thus, this tweet was stupid then, but became even stupider in hindsight.

    37. 1/6/22- Kamala Harris Talks About How Important It is to Choose the President the Way the Constitution Describes Despite Saying She Would be Open to Abolishing That System in 2019
    Source: (

    Most modern politicians on both sides treat the constitution like most modern Christians treat the Bible. By that I mean, they ignore it most of the time, but occasionally trot it out when they think it lends credibility to a point they already wanted to make. In this way, neither are actually guiding them or their beliefs. They’re merely using it selectively to confirm what they would have said whether these documents supported the idea or not. Here Harris calls upon the constitution in an attempt to add weight to the idea that the January 6th rioters posed a real threat to the American way of life. Stupid as it was, the idea that a handful of unarmed morons trespassing in the capitol building was some sort of grave peril to the constitution is laughably ridiculous.

    But beside that, in her 2019 presidential run, she actually said she is open to change the constitutional process of electing a president: the electoral college. That makes it a bit hard to swallow that she cares deeply about electing a president the constitutional way. Evidently some doofus wearing a plastic Viking helmet endangers our constitution, but the Vice President of the nation calling for the removal of the constitutionally prescribed process altogether is not a threat to the constitution.

    36. 4/30/22- AOC Caught Illegally Parking Her Tesla Outside Whole Foods the Day After Railing Against Elon Musk on Twitter
    Source: (,

    Credit: Daily Mail UK

    As in comedy, in politics, timing is everything. Enter AOC, the lest self-aware person on Earth. After spending week railing about how evil Elon Musk is for his acquisition of Twitter, her car turns up to be illegally parked outside a Whole Foods. Turns out she drives a Tesla. Yes it was dumb to park her car illegally, but it is especially stupid when you are on a crusade against the company’s owner. “House democrat leading charge against Elon Musk illegally parks Telsa outside of Whole Foods” sounds so absurd, it could easily have been a headline on the Babylon Bee. Looks like some of those $80 “Tax the Rich” hoodies actually helped the richest man in the world buy Twitter.

    35. 5/23/22- Whoopi Goldberg Tells Archbishop That It Is Not His Job to Deny Pro-Abortion Politicians Communion
    Source: (

    Credit: Newsweek

    By her own admission, Whoopi is not a very religious person. That makes her bizarre statement here even more surprising. It seems she does not know what the duties of a bishop actually are. In the New Testament, the duties of a bishop are clear. These can be found in the pastoral epistles I & II Timothy and Titus, and church discipline clearly falls under that umbrella. The Greek word for “bishop” is interchangeable with “pastor,” “elder,” and “overseer.” The institutional powers given to Catholic Bishops are even more clear under their structure. While I would argue the denial of communion is not prescribed in scripture and instead excommunication is the Biblically acceptable punishment (Matt 18:17, I Cor 5:13), there is no doubt that the Catholic church doctrine delegates such matters to the bishop’s discretion.

    Furthermore, this power is not granted for the Catholics to wag their fingers at people to feel superior. The scripture makes clear that partaking of communion is spiritually dangerous if done so in a state of unrepentant sin (I Cor 11:29). Therefore, the bishop does this not out of spite, but to protect the person to whom he is denying communion. Whoopi apparently thinks religion is some type of public service that is not suppose to exclude anyone who wants to participate no matter how they live or what they do. But if a religion is supposed to just approve everything you do and not ask you to conform to their belief system, then the religion serves no purpose at all.  More specifically, the entire point of communion is that you will examine yourself and compare that to the death of Christ, body and blood, and conform to His image. His death was meant to liberate you from your sins, not to make you comfortable in them.

    34. 10/12/22- FBI Arrests 87-Year Old Concentration Camp Survivor for Peacefully Protesting Abortion
    Source: (

    Credit: Life News

    I realize this is technically an Ad Hominem fallacy, but in reverse. However, from an optics standpoint it is rarely wise to arrest a harmless little old lady or holocaust survivor. The FBI did both. Not to mention, they did so because she was protesting a policy supported by their current boss. All this adds up to a PR nightmare for the FBI. It is almost impossible to think up a scenario which would make the FBI look stupider. But far more importantly, this is just another in a long line of the FBI becoming the stormtroopers that go in to arrest and intimidate those who oppose their political agenda. It is ironic that Eva Edl, the woman they arrested, said she saw similarities in the human tragedy of the holocaust and abortion in America because it looks as though the pro-abortion crowd is slowly adopting the Nazi’s intimidation tactics as well.

    33. 8/4/22- Report Shows Inflation Reduction Act Would Impose Tens of Billions in Fees on Fossil Fuel Companies
    Source: (

    Credit: Oil & Gas IQ

    One of the most annoying side-effects of leftist ideology is that it claims to be a silver bullet that solves every problem. That is the folly of all utopianism. Because it assumes that just having the right people running the right system would fix all the world’s problems, then all political issues are essentially different forms of the same issue. This story illustrates this concept. Because part of leftist ideology is that fossil fuels are bad and green energy is good, then how could a law that discourages fossil fuel use yield anything but good results? While common sense would tell anybody that drastically increasing the price of fuel at a time where fuel prices were already at historic highs would make the price go up, they don’t see it. The predictable effect is that the price of everything else (after all, all industries use energy on some level) will increase with that cost. This means inflating prices even more. As usual, the proposed democrat solution to the problem they caused only exacerbates the problem. Those of us that believe we live in an imperfect and imperfectible world understand that there is no such thing as an ideal utopia. This means most of politics is merely a series of tradeoffs that have a cost/benefit analysis.

    32. 5/24/22- Gov. Ivey Wins Nomination Without a Runoff
    Source: (

    Credit: 1819 News

    I will never understand the popularity of Kay Ivey. Meemaw’s “don’t rock the boat” philosophy and pseudo-conservative tendencies would explain her popularity in a purple state, but not in the reddest state in the union. Her greatest unpardonable political sin, however, for which she has never apologized, came in the form of a violation of freedom of religion. Ivey closed churches for weeks on end as part of her “Stay at Home” orders ( She kept them closed even after opening up retailers, workplaces, restaurants, and other such establishments. She kept them closed despite the fact Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and 12 other states had no restrictions on religious gatherings. She did this despite the fact there was no data to support the idea that keeping churches open caused more coronavirus cases or deaths. She is neither a good governor nor a good Christian. And as if violating the first amendment and Romans 13 and Hebrews 10 were not enough, she did so in direct violation of her own oath of office against the constitution of Alabama ( As much as I hate to say it, the voters of Alabama get exactly what they deserve with her as governor. In this story, they are the stupid ones.

    31. 3/28/20- Entire Left Flips Out Over DeSantis’s Ban On Sex Ed for Children Under the 4th Grade
    Source: (

    Credit: Florida Daily

    I have said it before and will repeat it now: DeSantis is a much better version of Trump than Trump. The best thing about Trump is that he was excellent at trolling the left. He had the innate ability to make their heads explode and thus make hasty and irrational decision that showed voters just how crazy they were. But as much fun as that was, nearly all his trolling was reactionary and rarely manifested itself as an actual policy. This story demonstrates DeSantis’s ability to be proactive and do so with actual policy, not just tweets or sound bites. This forces the left to react to him, and react they did. This led to everyone from the media to floor speeches in congress to celebrity award shows discussing it. But despite the media running a constant propaganda campaign against it and erroneously dubbing it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, they came off looking unreasonable. Ultimately, even left-leaning citizens thought not teaching sex-ed to kids 8-years-old and younger was a reasonable position as a poll of Florida democrats proved.

    30. 7/24/22- Biden Brags, “21 States Have Unemployment Rates at or Below 3% – the First Time in History This Has Happened.”
    Source: (

    Technically what he is saying isn’t completely incorrect, though it is a bit misleading. If you look at the total Labor Participation Rate, the country as a whole is still not at pre-covid levels to this day. The total dip in labor participation was 3.2 % between Feb 2020 (when the shutdowns began) and Apr 2020 (the low point). At the time Biden tweeted this, labor participation had only recovered by 2%, so we are less than two-thirds recovered. That is why Biden is careful to only talk about the unemployment rate and can only brag about it in certain states. And where are those states exactly? 14 of the 21 (66%) of those states are red states. Only 3 of them (14%) are blue. The remaining 4 are purple. Therein lies the stupidity. Biden is bragging about a largely republican accomplishment. The only places that he can brag on are precisely the areas that adopted economic policies the opposite of his.

    29. 4/27/22- Biden Claims School Children Don’t Belong to Their Parents While in the Classroom
    Source: (

    Credit: Yahoo News

    While this statement would be stupid at any time, it is especially stupid given the timing of this statement. The only issue that has really mobilized people of all political stripes against the left has been the leftist overreach in schools. Virginia, which had been a reliably blue state since 2008 and voted for Biden, elected its first republican governor since 2010 largely on this one issue. After Terry McAuliffe said on stage that he does not think parents should be making decision about their child’s education last year, it cost him the election he should have won easily. Despite this, Biden went a step further in saying children are essentially wards of the state while in a classroom. Not a smart move to double down on one of the few issues where your position is unpopular across the board.

    28. 5/31/22- Joe Biden Claims a 9mm Round Will Blow the Lung Out of the Body (

    Credit: Newsweek

    Anybody with half a brain knows this one is stupid. Unfortunately, the President is playing with less than half a deck. Though to be fair, Biden had a record of saying obviously stupid things about guns long before his mind started to go. Remember, this is the guy that was telling his wife to fire shotguns (which are far deadlier than 9mms) in the air, which is a felony. He has also repeatedly said AR-15s are not used for hunting because “deer don’t wear bullet-proof vests,” ignoring the fact the AR-15 is a popular hunting rifle for hogs, elk, and coyotes and can be used for deer as well. He has also said multiple times that cops should just “aim for the leg” when apprehending suspects instead of shooting to kill, as though cops are like cowboys in old western movies or Bull’s-Eye from Marvel comics. I am not aware of any firearm that can blow a lung out of a body, but if it existed, it certainly would not be a 9mm. This is the most common handgun caliber in America. It is at most a mid-size caliber, and one I don’t use because it does not have enough stopping power. For a hilarious demonstration of how absurd this claim is, check out this video of what a 9mm round actually does to a lung:

    27. 2/17/22- Survey Finds 21% of Gen Z Identifies as LGBT
    Source: (

    Credit: Daily Caller

    Based on what we know of history, homosexuality has been around forever and typically affects a very tiny percentage of the population. Granted, this fluctuates a bit, but has been around the 1%-2% mark for as long as we have been keeping records of it. Are we to believe suddenly 1 out of every 5 Gen Zers are part of the rainbow jihad? The massive increase in young people strongly suggests a social contagion aspect, especially in the light of what has recently been dubbed Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

    However, if you dig into the stats, you realize this is likely not as widespread as the stat would suggest. By far the biggest category of increase, which accounts for most of the dramatic increase is not more homosexuals or transgender individuals, but bisexuals. This makes the most likely explanation for the uptick people that are actually straight, but like the attention and accolades of being “LGBT.” For example, let’s say you are a young woman and see all the attention bi tiktokers are getting. You could claim to be bi, but only ever date men. Nobody can claim you aren’t really bi, but you don’t have to change anything about yourself and still get all that attention.

    Actress Rosario Dawson recently “came out” as bi despite being 43 and having never been with a woman and currently dating Senator Cory Booker, who is at least sort of a man. Just like her situation, the most likely explanation for this drastic uptick is that a lot of these young people are claiming to be something they are not for attention. If anything, this shows how stupid we are as a society to lionize and praise sexual debauchery than it is a commentary of Gen Z’s stupidity.

    26. 4/21/22- BLM’s Hawk Newsome Blames “White Man” Mayor Eric Adams (Who is Black)  for NYC “War Zone”
    Source: (

    Left: New York Mayor Eric Adams
    Right: Black Lives Matter of Greater New York Co-Founder Hawk Newsome
    Credit: Fox News

    Really all you need to know about how stupid this story is just look at a picture of Mayor Adams (above on the left). If you plan on using race to disparage someone, you should probably figure out what race they are first.

    25. 9/1/22- President Biden Gives A Speech In Front of a Blood Red Background
    Source: (

    President Joe Biden speaks outside Independence Hall, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, in Philadelphia.
    Credit: AP (Matt Slocum)

    In one of the strangest aesthetic moves in the history of American politics, Biden’s team chose to light up Independence Hall bright blood red as he spoke in front of it with two Marines on each side. It makes the speech look like the General Hux speech from Star Wars. But bizarre lighting only added to the stupidity of the actual content. The speech was billed as being about unity, but Biden spent the bulk of it calling half the country “semi-fascists.” He kept trying to distinguish between “Super MAGA Republicans” and regular republicans, but then he kept defining “Super MAGA Republicans” as anyone that disagreed with him.

    24. 7/23/22- Josh Moon Tells People to Ask Farmers to Prove Climate Change Isn’t a Hoax
    Source: (

    Moon has a habit of spouting off on subjects he knows nothing about, but this one was a doozie even for him. Even if this point were correct, it would still be anecdotal evidence. But the thing is, it could not be further from the truth. My dad was an ag teacher. I started showing livestock when I was 3. I was a state officer and national delegate for FFA and received the FFA American Degree. I have an Agriculture Communication degree from Auburn University. I interned with the Extension Service. I am a lifetime FFA Alumni Association member and still volunteer at the Alabama FFA State Convention every single year. I have spent a lot of time in my life traveling the state and country meeting farmers. I can count the farmers I have met that are worried about climate change on one hand. There is a reason rural areas tend to be very red. As usual, Moon has no idea what he is talking about.

    23. 12/4/2022- Trump Calls for the Termination of the Constitution in Truth Social Post
    Source: (

    Trump has a very annoying and counterproductive habit of thinking out loud. Like a standup comic, he throws stuff out there to see how it is received and then either abandons it or doubles down. Luckily, the backlash from this statement was forceful enough that he seems to have backed away from this idea. However, whether his angst at the election is well founded or not, it was incredibly stupid to suggest this. You cannot claim the constitutional process was subverted and claim the solution is to subvert it again to correct the error. Unfortunately, Trump, like most politicians, has no actual love for the constitution but rather sees it as just another obstacle to what he wants to do. The only difference is, he actually says it where most politicians hide it.

    22. 8/12/22- Biden Threatens Consequences for Saudi Arabia If They Don’t Produce More Oil
    Source: (

    Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and U.S. President Joe Biden meet at Al Salman Palace upon his arrival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, July 15, 2022. Bandar Algaloud
    Credit: Saudi Royal Court/Handout via REUTERS

    I honestly don’t think this one would even make the top 50 were it not for the context. Granted, it is not a good look for the president to use his power to coerce a foreign ally into doing something to help him win an election. However, it is not necessarily Stupid Award material. What makes it one of the stupidest moves by Biden all year is that his party impeached the previous president for allegedly doing exactly the same thing. Trump offered a quid pro quo for help in uncovering the corruption in the Ukraine by the Biden family. While Trump’s defense was that he was just doing it as part of his duty as the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, the House dems claimed he was doing it as a way to torpedo a potential political rival and thus influence an election. But in Biden’s case, he did not even have the defense of wanting to lower oil prices to root out corruption. The fact that he asked them to produce more right up until the election is also telling that the request was motivated by lowering fuel prices to increase his chances of reelection. This means if we are apply the democrat standard equally, then the House should impeach Biden.

    21. 6/24/22- Elizabeth Warren Claims Dobbs Decision is Six Justices “Forcing Their Personal and Religious Views” on Everyone Else
    Source: (

    Elizabeth Warren is not only wrong here, what she is saying is the exact opposite of true. The Dobbs opinion clearly states that the justices’ motive for their ruling was to return the choice of how to deal with abortion back to the states and the people. The seven justices that issued the Roe opinion are the ones that forced their personal views on the rest of America. The Dobbs decision undoes that abuse of judicial power. Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg agreed Roe was bad case law. She wanted abortion legal for sure, but recognized it was a mess of a decision. Casey was even more convoluted. Even if you are in favor of abortion, there is simply no way to see the Dobbs decision as justices forcing their opinions on anyone else. All they did was give states more freedom to set their own abortion law.

    20. 3/17/22- Lia Thomas Wins the D1 “Women’s” National Championship in Swimming
    Source: (

    Credit: ESPN

    If there was ever an argument that men are physically superior to women, Lia Thomas is the perfect case study. He went from a sub-par swimmer in the men’s division, to smashing every record in the women’s division. There is really no point in even holding the swim meets when he is there because he dominates with ease. The reason this earns a top 20 spot is that it illustrates the reason men’s and women’s divisions in sports exist. There simply is no contest when men compete against women. Even if you support the insane ideology of transgenderism, as sports are a competition of the body, it makes no sense to allow people with biologically male bodies compete against people with female bodies. It defeats the whole purpose of the sport. More importantly, it robs young women of the ability to win awards and get scholarships they would have otherwise earned. These divisions do not exist for the benefit of men, since men would just dominate most sports if they were co-ed. They exist to give women a chance to compete fairly against other women, and now that is being taken away.

    19. 2/5/22- U.S. Military Gets Rid of Soldiers Who Refuse to Get the Jab
    Source: (

    Credit: NBC News

    Many of my regular audience might be expecting me to make a constitutional argument here. However, the military does actually have authority to compel vaccination of its soldiers. That practice can be traced back to George Washington himself. Mandating the covid vaccine is constitutional, but that does not make it a smart move. When the vaccines were first rolled out, they did show some promising data in at least preventing severe cases of covid (which makes it more of a therapeutic than vaccine), but early on, the data showed the risk of dying from covid was virtually nothing if you were under 30 and in shape. As the average age of U.S. Military personnel is 23 and most of them have to pass PTs, the risk of death or even serious covid was practically non-existent for nearly all of them. Meanwhile, we knew in the first few weeks of the vaccine being out, the risk of myocarditis was at least twice that of the risk of covid death to men in their teens and twenties. Anybody following “the science” (and by that I mean their own data that was available then) would deem mandating the vaccine idiotic.

    18. 2/10/22- PETA Claims Eating Meat is Misogynistic, Colonialism, White Supremacist, and Neo-Nazi Propaganda
    Source: (

    Some stories are so stupid and nonsensical, explaining it further is an impossible task. Sometimes it is enough to sit back and laugh. I will add only that Hitler and several prominent Nazis were vegetarian, which sort of blows a big hole in the claim that meat consumption is Nazi propaganda.

    17. 6/10/22- Fox Runs Puff Piece Praising Transgender Child’s transition
    Source: (

    Credit: Fox News

    The first rule of any broadcast medium is to know your audience. I have made this argument on my show dozens of times. Certain brands are better off catering to leftist ideas while others are not. Starbucks, Chipotle, Target, and Nike can throw their lot in with the left because their core demographic leans left. Nascar, Walmart, the NFL, and Chick-fil-A have managed to thrive despite going woke, but faced considerable backlash for doing so. This is because their core audience is heavily right-leaning, but also because most leftists would not be caught dead spending money on these brands.

    Fox News doing things to placate the left is so incredibly stupid. They are ticking off the people that pay their paychecks in a feeble attempt to ingratiate themselves to people that hate them and will never become customers no matter what they do. Fox occasionally does the same thing. They are unique in that they operate in New York, but most of their core audience (or what is left of it) is in the heartland. Because of this, they sometimes extend an olive branch to the left, like this piece where they gush over and glamorize rank child abuse. This will do nothing to get the left to like them while alienating their own audience.

    16. 10/25/22- Pope Francis Appoints 2 Pro-Abortion Advocates to the Pontifical Academy for Life
    Source: (

    Credit: Life News

    Granted, I am not a Catholic, so I do not believe the Catholic church is the real church. However, you would think with passages like Joshua 24:14–15 or Revelation 3:14–21, any group of people that believe they are the church would understand the danger of trying to straddle the fence. Pope Francis has now appointed not one but two pro-abortion advocates to the very organization within the Catholic church created to fight against the mortal sin (their words, not mine) of abortion. If he does not want to stand up for the life of innocent children, he should just eliminate the Academy for Life instead of keeping it around and making a mockery of it. This is the epitome of trying to keep up appearances while undermining the very principles you are pretending to stand up for. God does not tolerate the lukewarm.

    15. 7/10/22- VP Kamala Harris Wants to Ban Guns “Intentionally Designed to Kill”
    Sources: (

    Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    VP Harris has turned saying stupid things into an artform, but this one is spectacular even by her standards. All guns are designed to kill people. They are a killing device. That is their purpose. That would be like saying you want to ban all pens designed to write things. Though, to her credit, I think this was unintentionally honest. She probably does want to ban all guns. She also seems to take issue with the fact that they can kill a lot of people quickly. Would she rather guns kill people slowly and painfully? If a woman is in her house alone at night and a street gang busts into her house to rape her, isn’t it a very good thing that she owns a gun that can kill several people quickly? Furthermore, the very ban she is calling to renew in this interview has been studied by both governmental and private agencies and the data shows every single time, it did absolutely nothing to decrease mass shootings, gun homicides, or gun murders. No matter what angle you look at this statement from, it shows Harris is an absolute moron.

    14. 3/1/22- In the State of the Union, President Biden Says he Will Help trans people: “Live Up to their God-Given Potential.”
    Source: (

    Credit: CBS News

    As a general rule, democrats inevitably say something stupid whenever they try to invoke God. This is because their entire value system runs directly counter to God. This is a glaring example of that. Implicit in this statement is that Biden believes God is powerful enough to create people and wise enough to see into the future and grant them potential to live up to. Yet somehow, this same God that can create humans and instill in them complex characteristics specific to live up to in their individual lives, is neither wise nor powerful enough to put people in the correct bodies. This make’s Biden’s statement self-contradictory. Either God is powerful and wise enough to give people the correct bodies, or He is too stupid or weak to give people their correct gender and potential.

    13. 11/22/22- Sunny Hostin Claims “Jesus Would Be the Grand Marshall of the Pride Parade.”
    Source: (

    Credit: ABC

    Like the last one, this story is another example of the left trying to claim God supports their ideas while simultaneously undermining Him. There is a mountain of evidence against this, but for the sake of brevity, I will make only a single point: Jesus clearly gives a definition of marriage in Matthew 19:4–6 as a man and a woman. In verse 9, He condemns all forms of sexual activity that fall outside this definition as a sin. He condemns sexual immorality in Mark 7:21–23 along with pride. No matter how you look at it, the scripture makes clear Jesus would never celebrate sin, including pride, nor condone others doing so.  But this points to a larger issue.  The left thinks of Jesus as a convenient cudgel to smack their political opponents with when they think it will further their agenda and ignore Him when He is not useful for this purpose.  In this way, they think of Jesus as a tool to be used rather than a Master to follow.  But that only works if you change what He said to fit what they believe. In this way, they have changed what Jesus taught to fit their lives rather than changing their lives to fit what Jesus taught.

    12. 2/21/22- The Atlantic’s Rachel Gutman Admits Mask Mandates Make No Sense, but We Should Have Them Anyway
    Source: (

    Credit: AP

    Despite the stupidity, I do appreciate the honesty. Gutman admits nothing about the masking policy makes sense and there is no data to show it is doing any good. Where her argument goes off the rails is that she believes we should enact them anyway as a purely symbolic gesture. The most telling line is where she makes the case that masks should still be required because it reminds people the pandemic is still ongoing. This is the key point because if the pandemic is still going, that means we are still in an emergency. If we are still in an emergency, the government gets to continue to use more of its “emergency” powers. That was always why so many politicians left and right (Gov. Kay Ivey included) so desired to keep the pandemic going long after it was over from a public policy perspective. If the pandemic vanishes, so does their emergency powers, and no politician likes giving up power.

    11. 6/20/22- The Washington Post Accidentally Writes the Most Pro-Life Story Ever
    Source: (

    Credit: The Washington Post

    Granted, this happens with a lot of stories the media tries to spin to support their radical abortion-on-demand agenda. The problem is, the deck is inevitably stacked against them in this endeavor. The goal of the media is almost always to write sob stories to drum up sympathy for “victims” of right-wing policy. This is often a misleading and dishonest but effective strategy. For example, anyone could have sympathy for an uninsured single mother of three with no insurance being diagnosed with cancer. Such stories ignore the fact that government taking over the entire healthcare system is not the only or the best solution to that problem, but you can see how such a story could make even right-of-center people sympathetic to such a cause.

    However, in cases where they try to convince people that government policies that prevent abortions are wrong, they must make a case that a baby being born is a tragedy, which is a challenge for even the pro-abortion crowd to swallow. In this particular case, they tried to present the tragic and difficult life of two young people raising twin girls who would have been killed were it not for a new Texas abortion ban. And in this “tragic tale,” the mother has two beautiful little girls to raise that she admits in the story she opted to keep after seeing them on ultrasound for the first time and could not imagine her life without now. Her husband, whom she also admits she may not have married had it not been for the unplanned pregnancy, has grown from a immature skater teen into a responsible father that is going into the Air Force to provide for his family. Everything about this tale makes the pro-life case that children, while a challenge, actually make people better. The article is also stacked with adorable pictures of their little family. Honestly, you could change maybe five sentences in this very long article and put it on and nobody would think it out-of-place.

    10. 6/21/22- Katie Britt defeats Mo Brooks in Runoff
    Source: (

    Credit: 1819 News

    While mediocre RINO Kay Ivey winning her election by wide margins is baffling, at the very least, the pool of candidates in her primary were less than stellar. It might be frustrating to see someone pick Little Caesar’s over Hungry Howie’s, but it is inconceivable to see someone pick Little Caesar’s over Mellow Mushroom. Yet that is exactly what the Alabama voters did by passing over Mo Brooks for now Senator Katie Britt. Britt is merely a younger and more attractive version of Richard Shelby. She won the nomination despite being by far the least conservative candidate in the primary and even easily defeated Mo Brooks, who was one of the most conservative members of the House.

    Bizarrely enough, she did better in the run-off than the initial primary, which makes this outcome even harder to understand. Mo Brooks would have been a fantastic senator, but as usual, the Alabama voters cannot be bothered to get off their lazy behinds for 15 minutes to research the candidates before going to the polls. I am 33 and this was the first time in my life Richard Shelby did not run for Senate. Yet the Alabama voters choked harder than the Braves in the playoffs this year and elected a carbon copy of him. For that level of apathy and slothfulness, we get exactly what we deserve.

    9. 11/29/22- Republicans Pass the “Respect for Marriage” Act Without Mike Lee’s Amendment
    Source: (

    Sadly, recently it has become all too common to call the opposing political opponents “traitors.” In this case though, it is the republican party who has betrayed it’s own base. This is not a new phenomenon. It has been the GOPs standard of operation to covertly work against the low tax, small government, and socially conservative agenda of its base. The only people the party leadership hates more than its base is people who expose them as traitors to their base. That would end the incumbency gravy train, you see. Luckily for them, the low information segment of the base doesn’t pay enough attention to figure this out in most cases.

    For weeks leading up to the vote, the twelve republican senators who were voting for this had been telling it’s base not to worry because this bill could not be weaponized against religious Christians, Jews, or Muslims that objected to homosexuality. Sen. Lee thus decided to pose an amendment that would grant powerful protections to devout Christians with religious objections. This called their bluff. If these senators really wanted to vote for this bill to grant equal marriage to gays and not to let the fed use it to persecute religious people, all they had to do was pass the bill with the amendment. That was the brilliance of Lee’s proposal. It left them nowhere to hide. The only logical explanation for not passing the amendment is that they did not want said protections for people with religions that hold homosexuality as a sin. In a move that surprised even me, they doubled down. They passed the bill without the amendment and empowered the fed to engage in open lawfare against the church. Because the only people that hate the evangelical voters more than the democrats are the republicans.

    8. 5/2/22- Kristen Powers Claims Abortion is Fine Because Most U.S. Catholics Support Abortion and Abortion Restrictions Breech Religious Freedom Laws (,

    In one of the stranger attempts of a Catholic to justify abortion, Kristen Powers tries to make the case that abortion is morally acceptable because most U.S. Catholics (56%) support abortion. This is because, like all denominations, a small fraction of the people that claim to be Christians actually are Christians, just as Jesus Himself predicted (Matthew 7:13–23). But it is odd to claim that because a very slight majority of members of your church in one country think something that clearly contradicts scripture that it must be so. Even if it did work that way, if you polled Catholics worldwide, the majority of Catholics would likely oppose abortion, especially those in Latin America, Africa, and the Near East.

    I realize the modern left has a bizarre fetish for the word “democracy,” but God’s kingdom has always been a monarchy where only the king sets the rules, not the majority. Even if 100% of American Catholics supported abortion on demand, it would not alter Catholic doctrine and, more importantly, scripture. Her follow-up tweet was even more ridiculous, as is shown by applying even basic logic. You could replace the word “abortion” with any other crime the Catholic church considers a sin and see why this argument makes no sense: “If you think child rape is wrong, don’t rape children. It’s not ok to impose your religious views on others.” A Christian that believes murder is a sin is not “imposing their religious views on others” merely because he also thinks murder should be illegal.

    7. 3/22/22- Katanji Brown Jackson Can’t Define the Word “Woman” (

    Credit: PBS News

    This would be an incredibly stupid thing to say no matter who or where they were. But the fact that is was a Supreme Court nominee during a confirmation hearing magnifies it greatly. The insanity that has taken hold of the left denies the most basic and immutable characteristic of a person other than their humanity (which the left also denies the unborn). But it is especially stupid for a jurist to not know how to define basic and common words. Interpretation of law is the most basic task a Supreme Court Justice and the law is a collection of words. The word “woman” occurs in many federal and state laws. If Justice Jackson does not know what “woman” means, that alone makes her unqualified by the job.

    Furthermore, her defense of “I’m not a biologist” is one of the most boneheaded excuses I have ever heard. I am not a mechanic, but I know the difference between a truck and a lawnmower. Furthermore, this defense actually contradicts woke orthodoxy, which would contend being a woman has nothing to do with biology. To add to the stupidity, the media fawned over her being the first black woman of the Supreme Court, but how can she be the first black woman on the court when she does not even know what a woman is? What this displays is that Justice Jackson and the leftist shills in the media all know very well what a woman is, but they all pretend like they don’t because that would upset the rainbow jihad.

    6. 1/22/22- In the Same Tweet, Bernie Sanders Claims Abortion is in the Constitution and Should Also be Codified into Law
    Source: (,

    There is a lot of stupid going on in this short tweet. First it assumes men cannot get pregnant, which is, of course, correct. However, Bernie and his political allies have been saying they can for several months now. Second, there is an obvious contradiction. He claims “abortion is a constitutional right, period.” Yet he also claims they need to pass legislation to codify Roe v. Wade into the law of the land. I am no legal scholar, but I am fairly certain the constitution is the law of the land. Why is the legislation necessary if a right to an abortion is already in the constitution?

    The truth is Bernie and his fellow dems know a right to abortion is not in the constitution. Even the seven justices that wrote Roe knew it wasn’t in the constitution, which is why they had to invent it out of whole cloth. If they actually thought it was in the constitution, they would not be proposing legislation in the first place. Furthermore, even if you accepted the legal argument, the larger claim of the tweet would also be incorrect. The latest Pew poll on abortion shows only a 6% difference in men and women’s support for abortion with a 2%-4% margin of error. Not much difference at all. Like socialism, everything about this tweet is an epic fail.

    5. 2/4/22- Josh Moon’s Tweet Is Shows He Has No Biblical Literacy
    Source: (

    One of the funniest occurrences on Twitter is the rare self-burn. This occurs when someone tries to show somebody else up and reveals their own stupidity in the process. Moon is of course correct all of these things are in the Bible. But with the sole exception of sex, the Bible condemns everything he listed. As a journalist, you would think he would understand recording an event is not the same thing as condoning said event.

    The Devil in the White City, a book about America’s first known serial killer, features a lot of gruesome murders. Are we to assume from this that the author, Erik Larson, is very pro murder? That would be absurd, but that is the implication of Moon’s tweet. The Bible is an accurate and honest account of real people and events, so of course it records many horrific human tragedies. But like historians who write about the Holocaust or the Holodomor, the purpose is to show the horror to discourage evil behaviors. In hilarious fashion, Moon is not only unsuccessful in his attack on scripture and republicans, but makes himself look stupid in the process. It not only displays Biblical illiteracy, but an inability to understand any and all literature.

    4. 11/27/22- Cambridge Dean Says Jesus Could Have Been Transgender
    Source: (

    Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    As stated earlier, the general inclination when the left tries to invoke Jesus is to make him into whatever will best support their political agenda. In one of the craziest instances of this, Dean Michael Banner tries to make the case that Jesus may have been transgender. And his rock-solid, absolutely incontrovertible case for this is based upon a painting by Jean Malouel who lived 1,400 years after Jesus died. The claim is the painting features the spear wound in Jesus’ side which ‘takes on a decidedly vaginal appearance,” and the blood from said wound runs down to his crotch. Like Ketanji Brown-Jackson, I am no biologist, but I don’t think transgendered people typically have the genital mutilation…ahem…I mean…gender affirmation surgery done to get a fake vagina on their sides. The depiction of Jesus also features a male chest and beard, so this is a pretty big leap even for the left.

    But even if the painting was of Jesus with an obvious fully female body, how on Earth is a painting done 1,400 years later proof of anything? If I were to paint a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a man today, would that make her trans? The time gap between her death and now is only a few years. This would be a far more plausible case than the one they have tried to cobble together. If anyone has ever wondered why, in my own Biblical studies, an impressive and lengthy academic pedigree does not impress me, here is a prime example.

    3. 5/3/22- Biden claims Roe v. Wade is in line with all mainstream religions
    Sources: (

    Credit: Fox News

    Sometimes the difficulty in covering these stories is determining if it is a case where the stupidity springs from ignorance or knowing something is not so and telling an obvious lie. In this story, it’s actually both. I know Biden knows abortion is not in line with Catholicism. Even his addled and feeble brain undoubtedly knows this because his political career has been in direct opposition to his claimed church’s doctrine for over forty years. There is no way that has escaped his notice.

    It is also safe to assume that he knows that other offshoots of Christianity are in the same boat since this belief springs directly from the Bible, which all denominations hold as authoritative. But I do think he is merely ignorant about the teachings of other “mainstream” religions. The other two main world religions are Judaism and Islam. The Jews have the same Old Testament Christians have and most of the passages that talk about life beginning at conception are actually in the Old Testament, though there are some in the New Testament as well. As for the Muslims, the Qur’an talks about life beginning in the womb more than either Testament. It is a recurring theme of several Surahs. While I cannot speak to the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism, the Abrahamic religions all soundly reject abortion as evil. That accounts for about half the world’s population, which would make it fairly “mainstream.”

    But it is also stupid because, even if it were true, that would not be a reason allow abortions. If the Bible were completely silent on abortion, I would still oppose it. Democrats constantly strawman this issue by claiming all their opponents only oppose abortion because of religious teaching, but that is simply not true. So by a combination of both ignorance and telling an obvious lie and making an argument that would not sway people even if it were true, this story is monumentally stupid.

    2. 12/6/22- Raphael Warnock: I Support Abortion Because “It’s Exactly What Jesus Would Do”
    Source: (

    Credit: Life News

    Yet another “Jesus is whatever I want Him to be” story. Here Warnock’s claim is twofold, and both are equally blasphemous. First he asserts he supports abortion because “black women are dying three to four times the rate of white women in childbirth.” I don’t think Jesus would be especially concerned about the race of the women dying during childbirth, just that any women were dying. But race aside, we are still talking about 26 women dying per 100,000 live births. Now that is still 26 to many, but maternal mortality is incredibly rare.

    Also, why would the solution to this problem be to kill the baby? Almost all the murders in America are committed by men age 17-34. Should we just let parents kill their sons in this age range in hopes it will decrease the murder rate? Anyone can see why this strategy would not only be horribly immoral, but is also unlikely to affect the murder rate. And even if it did lower the murder rate, the ends do not justify the means. Jesus would certainly never condone one of His disciples shedding innocent blood on the off chance it could maybe prevent someone’s death later. His claim also ignores that every single state, including the ones with full abortion bans like Alabama, permit abortion if the mother’s life is in danger.

    But as for the second part, he claims Jesus would be in favor of legal abortion because he favors choice. If that is the case, then Christians should be against all laws. Stealing is a choice. Assaulting your spouse or children is a choice. Murder is a choice. Rape is a choice. If Jesus would be against any laws that restrict choice, then all Christians should be anarchists. Also makes it seem weird that there were so many laws that punished people for choosing to do evil things (you know, like child sacrifice) when God wrote the laws to govern Israel.

    You don’t have to be a Biblical scholar to see how idiotic both of Warnock’s reasons for thinking Jesus would be in favor of legal abortion are. This is because Warnock is not a follower of Jesus. His god is leftist ideology, and you can tell because whenever the teachings of Christ contradict said ideology, leftism always wins. He is so dedicated to this god that he is perfectly comfortable sacrificing millions of children to it a year, just like the pagans of old.

    1. 11/15/22- Mormon Church Backs U.S. Measure to Protect Gay Marriage
    Source: (

    Credit: REUTERS

    Of all the stories this year, this one is undoubtedly the stupidest despite the fierce competition. For reasons I will never understand, the Church of Latter Day Saints endorsed bill that legally recognizes sodomy and other forms of sexual deviancy as “marriage.” It also directly empowers the federal government to persecute anyone who disagrees, as showcased by #9 on this list. This would be a stunning heresy for any group of people who claim to be followers of Jesus, but this is even more surprising for the Mormons. They hold marriage in such high regard they explain away the teachings of Paul and of Jesus himself in Matthew 19 about there being no marriage in Heaven. They assert marriage is a celestial union so sacred that God himself has many wives and has produced multiple children with them. But apparently it is not so sacred that they think that the government cannot redefine it as whatever they please.

    It is probable the “thinking” behind the endorsement was to ingratiate the far-left in this display of good will and tolerance so that they will leave them alone on this issue moving forward. This may be the stupidest part of this story. You never let the crocodile eat your finger because he will then want the hand. Before anyone yells “slippery slope fallacy,” might I remind you that in 2015, all the left wanted was for their “love” to be recognized as marriage. Nothing more. That was the only goal. Your church does not have to approve it and it won’t affect your life at all. Also how dare you compare gay people to transvestites! Gay people got offended seven years ago if you equated the two. And only bigots think the LGB (there was no T back then) community wanted to sexualize your young children. Eight months after the Obergefell decision, we were having the NCAA move March Madness games because some states did not have transgender bathrooms at their colleges. Two years later, the state of Colorado is running a Christian baker out of business for not making gay wedding cakes. Five years later, we are having fat, hairy dudes in a thong tea bagging six-year-olds in a public library and gay porn in public schools. So forgive me if I don’t take the “slippery slope” cry all that seriously on this issue.

    It is also the reason the Mormon church has made a foolish miscalculation by thinking this move will buy them any grace with the left. Did the Israelites get any grace from the pagan nations because Israel disobeyed the first and second commandments to be more tolerant to them? The Mormons are about to find themselves in the exact same position. Leftism is not a rival political ideology. It is a rival religion. Rival religions can only do one of two things with other religions: subjugate or eliminate them. There are no other options. The “coexist” bumper sticker was always a farce, and the Mormons are about to learn that lesson the hard way.

    Stupidest Person of the Year 2022

    Every year, we also give out the Stupidest Person of the Year Award for the person who appeared in the Daily Dose of Stupid most often throughout the year. Out of the 125 stories featured, President Joe Biden won for the second year in a row. He wins a crushing victory with 24 appearances.

  • Airing of Grievances 2022

    Airing of Grievances 2022

    I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now, you’re going to hear about it!

    Festivus is Dec. 23rd, and as always, I discuss all the ways people have disappointed me this year. Typically, I do this on my annual Festivus Special on the podcast, but this year, it just did not work out to where I could make it happen. But I am still plenty disappointed, so here it is in written form.

    Steven Reed, Mayor of Montgomery

    Mayor Steven Reed is an utterly spineless, whiny, effeminate, man-child who is notoriously self-serving even when he is in a room full of politicians. He has absolutely no scruples about playing the race card even when it is fellow black people opposing him. He sees nothing shameful in admitting he wants more power for himself and openly blames any check on his power as everyone being against him. He will talk about Christianity one moment and push legislation that punishes Christians for actually trying to live according to the teachings of Christianity the next. This year, in his ultimate “take my ball and go home” moment, he actually threatened to do everything he could to drive businesses away from Montgomery because the city council rejected his legislation for being a blatant violation of the First Amendment. Whenever presented with the opportunity to, he dutifully vomits out the talking points of the DNC to anyone who wants to listen because he so desperately wishes to climb the political ladder, and he will throw his city and his own constituents under the bus without a moment’s hesitation to do so. Ultimately, he is just a significantly less charming and less talented Barack Obama.

    James Gunn, Movie Director


    As much as I love James Gunn, his recent campaign to completely eliminate the DC universe to start over makes no sense to me. I realize it isn’t nearly as successful or well done as the MCU or Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight, but I still don’t understand this move at all. The Snyder Cut was by no means a masterpiece, but it was one of the best comic book films of the decade. It showcased why Warner Bros. being too involved in their film leads to a vastly inferior product makes it to market. I cannot for the life of me understand why they are nixing Cavil and Gadot. They have both proven to be excellent in their portrayals when given good direction.

    “Churches” Who Contradict Their Own Teaching to Appease Leftists

    Rome, Vatican City

    The LDS and Catholic “churches” doing a 180 degree turn on basic Christian doctrine and their own church doctrine this year has been truly astounding. Sure, the 12 GOP senators and house representatives that voted for the “Bake the Cake, Bigot” bill are traitors. Then there is Lyndsey Graham trying to pass a nation-wide 15-week limit on abortions. This is as if the pro-life movement fought for 50 years, established whole foundations dedicated to getting pro-life judges installed, sunk millions into crisis pregnancy centers, and put all other political concerns in a secondary position so that we could eliminate 8% of abortions. I am certain all these elected officials will burn in hell if they refuse to repent for intentionally placing themselves in opposition to God. But conservatives are used to being betrayed by GOP leadership.

    What is new this year is that the Mormons and Catholics are doing the same thing. Earlier this year, the Church of Latter Day Saints endorsed legislation that legally recognizes sodomy and other forms of sexual deviancy as “marriage.” It further empowers the federal government to persecute anyone who disagrees. This would be a stunning heresy for any group of people pretending to be followers of Christ, but this is even more surprising for the Mormons, who hold marriage in such high regard they have to explain away the teachings of Paul and of Jesus himself in Matthew 19 about there being no marriage in Heaven. Pope Francis, similarly has been quietly appointing pro-abortion advocates to the Council for Life, a Catholic organization within the church specifically founded to combat the blight on humanity that is abortion. Both these churches heretical as their doctrine is, have always been reliable allies in the fights to protect marriage and life respectively. Now they have thrown in their lot with the rest of the world in direct opposition to scripture on these issues. Our list of allies grows thin.

    Donald Trump, 2024 Presidential Candidate

    Credit: ABC News

    Trump is going to Trump. People that were surprised by his absurd and unprovoked attacks on Ron DeSantis and other conservatives are the ones that have forgotten anything occurring more than 15 minutes in the past. This was his MO in 2016 and what eventually led to his nomination. Why on Earth would anybody expect anything different? Not only is this part of his personality, but he has no incentive to change this behavior since GOP voters rewarded this tactic by nominating and electing him. Trump’s only truly consistent and predictable quality is that he will do whatever he believes is in his best interest in this exact moment. He wants to be the 2024 nominee and he does not care who or what he must destroy to secure that nomination.

    Trump is endless frustrating for exactly the same reason he is useful: he carpet bombs everything he views as an enemy. When he is punching at democrats, the media, or idiotic leftist ideas, this is a very entertaining and praiseworthy characteristic. But like a wildfire, Trump is indiscriminate. To him, all people are either for him or against him. There is no nuance. Regardless of motive or political ideology, if someone is against him getting anything he wants, that person is an enemy that must be destroyed in his mind. The best thing for Trump and for the party would be for him to step aside and play a supporting role as a former president, but he is never going to do that. He cannot fathom the idea that someone else should be the center of attention other than himself.

    Auburn University

    Auburn Tigers football coach Hugh Freeze and athletic director John Cohen pose for photos during Freeze’s introduction at the Woltosz Football Performance Center in Auburn, Ala., on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022
    Credit: Sports Illustrated

    Auburn University hiring an Athletic Director who is a gay and trans rights activist is, by any measure, a short-sighted and bone-headed move. This would be a dumb idea no matter what high-profile position someone could take in the university, but this is especially true when you consider the ramifications this has with the ongoing debate about men competing in women’s sports. Granted, he did not push the envelope at Miss State much when it came to this, but as the heat surrounding this topic only gets more intense, there is little doubt he will eventually make some sort of push to allow such a thing at least in some sports. I hope I am wrong, but I’m not.

    This is only compounded and ironically countered by the fact they have hired a Head Coach who likes women too much. Freeze has been caught buying hookers for players and doing all kinds of untoward things. In a time where Auburn desperately needs stability, they hired the least stable coach on the list of candidates. Furthermore, his record is actually slightly worse than Gus Malzhan’s. With putting a trans ally and a pimp as the main faces of Auburn athletics, the loveliest village on the plains could quickly become a  red-light district.

    Low Information Voters

    U.S. Senator Katie Britt and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey
    Credit: CBS 42

    Low information voters in general have been the most frustrating aspect of the year. I could gripe about the insanity of them voting for people like Katie Hobbs, a governor who oversaw a train wreck of an election and made Maricopa county a punchline nation wide only to repeat the process this November and proceed to brag about it. Then there are the voters of Pennsylvania who elected a walking VAERS report named John Fetterman who literally cannot understand spoken words or form a coherent sentence. We could also mention Raphael Warnock whose picture should be featured in Matthew 7 underneath the portion of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus describes what false teachers will be like. But the worst offenders in my book are the ones right here in Alabama.

    It is incredibly frustrating to see Alabama, which by some measures is considered the reddest state in America, continue to elect republicans that are just discount versions of the democrats they replaced. Governor Meemaw, who has never seen a new tax or spending bill she didn’t want to sign, not only won the primary, but did so without even needing a runoff. This is even more impressive when you consider just a year ago, she was mandating churches close while stores, restaurants, casinos, and even abortion clinics remained open. They also elected Katie Britt, merely a younger and more attractive version of Richard Shelby. She won the nomination despite being by far the least conservative candidate in the primary and even easily defeated Mo Brooks, who is one of the most conservative members of the House.

    There are countless examples of this, but it just illustrates the utter stupidity of the low information voter. The only explanation for this is laziness. The simple fact of the matter is most voters can’t be bothered to take 10-15 minutes out of their lives to do the bare minimum of research. I do hope when their children are living in a concentration camp, it is comforting to know that they always dutifully voted the party line.

  • Ballotpalooza 2022!

    As I have had a number of people ask about the election tomorrow, I have decided to organize my thoughts in written form, since I know some of you cannot take the time to watch my videos. Please note, I am not telling you how to vote, I am just telling you how I plan to vote. Do with that information what you will.



    Yolanda Flowers (D) and Jimmy Blake (L) are both pro-abortion, so they cannot possibly get my vote. Kay Ivey (R) however has committed another unpardonable political sin for which she has never apologized. Ivey closed churches for weeks on end as part of her “Stay at Home” orders ( She kept them closed even after opening up retailers, workplaces, restaurants, and other such establishments. She kept them closed despite the fact Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and 12 other states had no restrictions on religious gatherings. She did this despite the fact there was no data to support the idea that keeping churches open caused more coronavirus cases or deaths. She is neither a good governor nor a good Christian. And as if violating the first amendment and Romans 13 and Hebrews 10 were not enough, she did so in direct violation of her own oath of office against the constitution of Alabama ( I will not vote for Kay Ivey now or ever again for any office. She has proven herself to be an adversary of liberty and God Himself. Only a full, sincere apology would permit me to even consider voting for her again. As such, I will be writing in “Jim Zeigler” for Governor.

    Lt. Governor

    “Will Ainsworth” is the obvious choice. He is a real conservative that has opposed Kay Ivey on her plans for new taxes, the toll bridge fiasco, and her unconstitutional covid restrictions. He’s doing a great job and deserves another term.

    U.S. Senator

    My fear with Katie Britt (R) is that she would be a carbon-copy of her mentor, Richard Shelby.  Shelby is by no means a bad senator, but he isn’t great either. The guy loves porkbarrel spending and doesn’t think twice when supporting crony-capitalist payouts to big corporations. He get most of the social issues right as he tends to be fairly conservative on them, but overall, he’s aggressively mediocre by conservative standards. John Sophocleus (L) is a fantastic political thinker, well-suited to congresses’ more deliberative body. I have personally interviewed him multiple times and he is very sharp on even complicated issues. He is very hands-off when it comes to economic issues and open supported the overturning of Roe, believing the issue should be left to the states. This is his stance on this and many other issues, making him a true federalist. “John Sophocleus” easily secures my vote.

    U.S. House 2nd District

    Barry Moore is a true dyed-in-the-wool constitutional conservative that has one of the most impressive liberty-oriented voting records I have ever seen. As a vet and farmer, he also has the life experience to address issues in this district. This one is arguably the easiest decision on this ballot. I will gleefully vote for “Barry Moore.”

    Attorney General

    Steve Marshall has done an excellent job of going after crime and enforcing laws in the state.  While the entire U.S. saw riots and upticks in crime the past few years, Marshall was one of the reasons that was kept to a minimum compared to other states. He has also done a good job in the court room on state-level matters, including defending Alabama’s abortion ban.  “Steve Marshall” is an easy pick.

    Secretary of State

    Matt Shelby has bizarrely made gay and trans rights his main issue, which the duties of the Sec. of State has nothing to do with.  My guess is he sees this as a stepping stone for another office. I’ll be voting for “Wes Allen.” I have no reason to believe he would not do a good job even if he was not my first choice.

    State Treasurer

    I’ve always known Young Boozer to be a level-headed and competent public servant.  Never even heard a whiff of corruption from him, which is always the first thing I look for in a treasurer candidate. I’ll be voting for “Young Boozer.”

    State Auditor

    Andrew Sorrell was not my primary choice, but he’s not awful. He does seem passionate for the job and has a relatively conservative voting record in the house. I will be cautiously but optimistically voting for “Andrew Sorrell” for State Auditor.

    Ballot Measures

    Constitutional Reform

    What does it do?
    The Constitution of Alabama of 2022 will only do the following: (1) rearrange the constitution so that similar subjects are located together; (2) remove racist language; (3) delete repeated or repealed portions/language; (4) place all amendments which deal with economic development together; and (5) arrange local amendments by county.

    Caleb’s Take:
    I am naturally skeptical of such sweeping legislation. Nevertheless, the reorganization is badly needed as Alabama has the longest constitution in the world (not hyperbole). I have not been able to find a major issue caused by this and several attorneys and elected officials I trust have endorsed this reorganization, so I hesitantly vote “yes.”

    Amendment 1: Bail reform

    What does it do?
    This amendment will change Section 16 of the Alabama Constitution. Currently, Section 16 provides that before a person is convicted they shall be granted bail, except for a capital offense, and that a person shall not have to pay excessive bail in any case.

    This amendment will change Section 16 to add crimes for which bail can be denied, to include murder, kidnapping in the first degree, rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree, sexual torture, domestic violence in the first degree, human trafficking in the first degree, burglary in the first degree, arson in the first degree, robbery in the first degree, terrorism, and aggravated child abuse of a child under the age of six.

    Caleb’s Take:
    Contrary to popular opinion, the purpose of the criminal justice system is not to reform criminals (though it should strive to do that as well). It is to protect the innocent from those who seek to do them harm. This bill would go a long way in expanding the judge’s discretion over these particular offenses in denying bail. While I agree bail is important, these crimes could very obviously reveal a pattern of behavior that the accused is a substantial danger to society. Ergo, I enthusiastically vote “yes” on this amendment.

    Amendment 2: Broadband funding

    What does it do?
    This amendment will make clear that the state, a county, or a city/town may grant federal funds or other state funding to any public or private organization to expand access to high-speed Internet (broadband).

    Caleb’s Take:
    My biggest concern with this one is that it seems a convenient way to funnel money to private entities. This is probably a reaction to recent efforts at the federal level to give more money to increase the number of homes with access to broadband. However, the beauty of the free market is that if we are just patient, market demand will eventually incentivize Internet Service Providers to build such infrastructure on their own with no government funding at all.  And while it is true this only grants permission to redirect money, not spend it, you don’t go to a store unless you intend to buy something. So this bill passing could not only incentivize more government spending but also corrupt kickbacks for friends of politicians. I will unapologetically vote “no” on amendment 2.

    Amendment 3: Notification of Death Sentence Commutation

    What does it do?
    Currently, the Governor has the power to postpone or reduce a death sentence to life in prison. This amendment will require the Governor to notify the Attorney General and the victim’s family before postponing or reducing a death sentence. Failure of the Governor to provide notice will void the Governor’s action and allow the Attorney General to seek a new execution date from the Alabama Supreme Court.

    Caleb’s Take:
    Considering how few death penalties we actually carry out, this will not affect the vast majority of Alabamians. This amendment merely tinkers around the edges of that power without affecting it much. I plan to vote “no,” but do not have strong feelings about this one either way.

    Amendment 4: Freeze Period on changing election laws

    What does it do?
    This amendment requires any bill passed by the state legislature during an election year which affects how a general election is held must take effect at least six months before the general election.

    Caleb’s Take:
    We all saw how the 2020 election had drastic changes in voting procedure made by several states mere weeks before the voting started, often without even consulting the people or state legislator. This is unfair to the political candidates who have the rules suddenly changed in the middle of the game, but more importantly, to the voters participating in the process. These laws were often changed without their consent and with little to no notice. It is imperative based on this occurrence that Alabama and every state pass similar legislation to set a “lock in” period on elections to prevent last minutes alterations to the process. That way everyone is clear on what the rules are beforehand, assured they will not change after that point.  Of all the amendments I support, I consider this the most important of them all. I will vote “yes” with no reservations whatsoever.

    Amendment 5: Update Language of “orphan’s business”

    What does it do?

    If the majority of the voters vote “yes” on Amendment 5, the outdated words “orphans’ business” will be removed from the Alabama Constitution.

    Caleb’s Take:

    As far as I can tell, this is merely a language update that has no real effect on how the law would function. Thus, I will vote “yes” but am largely indifferent on it.

    Amendment 6: Pay-as-you-go construction projects

    What does it do?
    This amendment provides that cities/towns already allowed to collect a special property tax may
    use those tax dollars to directly “pay-as-you-go” for construction projects instead of going into

    Caleb’s Take:
    This is a challenging one because I feel it could incentivize more towns to take more special taxes to avoid debt. While I despise this, I admit it is a more preferable alternative than taking on debt instead of paying as they go and needing to take more taxes later to pay interest. I find this the least objectionable alternative, and I will reluctantly vote “yes” on this amendment.

    Amendment 7: Extending economic development spending powers to all cities.

    What does it do?

    Currently, the Alabama Constitution provides that some counties and cities/towns may use public funds to sell public property, lend their credit, or become indebted for economic development purposes. Amendment 7 will give all counties and cities/towns those same powers.

    Currently, the governing body is required to give notice of its proposed action in the newspaper
    having the largest circulation in the county or city/town. Amendment 7 will allow the public notice to be given in any newspaper in circulation in the county or city/town.

    Caleb’s Take:
    I despise government led “economic development” and everything associated with it. It is not only government using public money to pick winners and losers through market manipulation, but it also makes it easy for corrupt politicians to use public funds to enrich themselves or grease the palms of political allies. Anything that makes that process easier or more abundant is a negative in my book, so I will vote “no.”

    Amendment 8 & 9: Sewage in Shelby County, Town of Lake View in Tuscaloosa, and Jefferson Counties

    What does it do?

    This amendment applies only to Shelby County, Town of Lake View in Tuscaloosa, and Jefferson Counties.

    If the majority of the voters vote “yes” on Amendment 8, certain privately owned sewage treatment plants in Shelby County will be regulated by the Alabama Public Service Commission.

    Caleb’s Take:
    I do not live in any of these locations, so I will abstain and leave my ballot blank on these two issues. If I did live there, I would probably vote no, but I have no dog in this fight.

    Amendment 10: Reorganizing the constitution

    What does it do?
    This amendment depends upon the approval of the official Constitution of Alabama of 2022. This amendment provides that any new amendments will be properly organized. This amendment will not change any court decision related to any provision of the previous
    Alabama Constitution. If the majority of the voters vote “yes” on Amendment 10 and the Constitution of Alabama of 2022 is approved, any new amendments will be properly organized into the new state constitution.

    Caleb’s Take:
    Even if I had voted “no” on the new constitution, I would vote “yes” on this amendment.  If the new constitution is going to remain well-organized by topic and county in the future instead of our literally hundreds of amendments being tacked onto the end in the order passed, this amendment is crucial to passage.